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Agenda: City Council Meeting of February 7, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.

  1. Call to order by Mayor Pollard, Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Roll Call.
  3. Approve January 17, 2017 Council Meeting Minutes
  4. For council consideration, discussion and possible approval:
  • Resolution No. 02-07-17, a resolution providing approval for the change of control of the cable franchise.
  • The Police Department Committee will ask council to approve the purchase of a new police vehicle for use by the Police Department with the purchase being made utilizing the state bid process.
  • Zac Scheetz with Key Equipment & Supply will present council with lease information for a new street sweeper.

5. Reports and/or updates from Mayor Pollard.

6. Reports from Standing Committees.

7. Business or comments from visitors.

8. Closed Session to discuss personnel issues with action to follow.

9. Adjournment


Jeff Pollard, Mayor