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Finding a spiritual home in Carmi is a great way to meet your neighbors, and one of our oldest traditions post image

IMG_1341Carmi is served by a variety of Protestant churches, as well as a Roman Catholic congregation. Many congregations formed the Carmi Ministerial Association, which was composed of all pastors in the community who choose to participate. The group’s main function was two-fold:

  1. To provide spiritual leadership to the community in a way that could not be done by any one church or by all the churches working separately.
  2. To provide a tangible witness to the love of Christ through the various help funds that are directed by the association.

To accomplish the first purpose, the association performs these functions:

  • Schedules, organizes and leads annual Good Friday and Thanksgiving services.
  • Discusses ways in which churches can work together and come together in prayer

The churches which have participated in the Carmi Ministerial Alliance are:

  • Cherry Street General Baptist Church
  • Church of God
  • Church of the Nazarene
  • Emmanuel United Methodist Church
  • First Baptist Church
  • First Christian Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Freedom Chapel
  • Full Gospel Deliverance Church
  • Georgia General Baptist Church
  • Living Hope Community Church
  • McHenry Methodist Church
  • Mercy Gate Church
  • Rigg Ministries
  • Stewart Street Baptist Church
  • Trinity Assembly of God
  • Wabash Christian Retirement Church