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With quality teachers, low classroom sizes and a full slate of extra-curricular activities, the Carmi-White County School System turns out educated and productive citizens post image

The Carmi-White County School District provides preschool through 12th grade education for approximately 1,500 students. The district is arranged in grade level attendance centers, with prekindergarten through first grade students attending the Lincoln facility in Carmi, second and third graders attending the Jefferson facility in Carmi, fourth and fifth graders attending Crossville Elementary School in Crossville, grades six through eight attending Carmi-White County Middle School in Carmi and grades 9 through 12 attending Carmi-White County High School in Carmi.

Additionally, the district’s Brownsville facility provides special education services for TMH level students from the nine counties of Wabash, Edwards, Wayne, White, Hamilton, Gallatin, Saline, Pope and Hardin.

IMG_1332All three elementary school buildings have been wired and connected for Internet access. Thirty (30) station computer labs provide daily computer/technology instruction to all 2-5 students. Grades 6-8 are arranged in middle school format, while the high school (grades 9-12) are arranged in an 8-block format. The high school also teaches industrial arts, home economics, agriculture, auto mechanics, business, child care, Cisco Technology training and Jobs for Illinois Graduates (JILG).

The high school boasts one of the best grass football stadiums in Southern Illinois as well as a six-lane all-weather track that is utilized by the school and community for fitness purposes. An expanded weight room also compliments the athletic department.

The district offers a full athletic program to meet its students’ needs. The district left the North Egypt Conference to become a member of the Black Diamond Athletic Conference in 2003-2004. The district is also a member of the Wabash and Ohio Valley Special Education District, Regional Vocational Delivery System, the Illinois High School Association, the Illinois Junior High School Association, the Illinois Association of School Boards, and the teachers’ association is affiliated with the Illinois Education Association/National Education Association.

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