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Minutes: City Council Meeting of May 2, 2017

The Carmi City Council met Tuesday, May 2, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Room of the Municipal Building, 225 East Main Street.

Prior to opening the council meeting, Mayor Pollard asked Alderman Winkleman to give the invocation followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Pollard presided with the following Aldermen present: Steve Winkleman, Mark W. Blake, Lance Yearby, Sheila Jo Headlee, Jack Lamont, Doug Hays and Mike Knight.

Absent: Keith Davis

Minutes from the April 18, 2017, council meeting were presented. Motion made by Alderman Headlee and seconded by Alderman Winkleman to approve the minutes as presented. The motion carried on roll call by each Alderman present answering “yes.”

Greg Stewart, City Attorney, was present to administer the Oaths of Office to the following newly-elected Alderman officials:

Sheila Jo Headlee – Alderman Ward 1

Doug Hays – Alderman Ward 2

Steve Winkleman – Alderman Ward 3

Tracy Nelson – Alderman Ward 4

Greg Stewart, City Attorney, also administered the Oaths of Office to the following newly-:elected officials:

Cynthia Attebury – City Clerk

Jeff Pollard – Mayor

Reports and/or updates from Mayor Pollard

Mayor Pollard made the following committee assignments:

Airports and Buildings: Chairman: Mike Knight Co-Chairman: Tracy Nelson

Finance and Budget: Chairman: Sheila Headlee Co-Chairman: Steve Winkleman

Fire Department & EMA: Chairman: Jack Lamont Co-Chairman: Sheila Headlee

Library: Steve Winkleman

Light & Water Admin-Light Plant & Electric Distribution:

Chairman: Doug Hays Co-Chairman: Sheila Headlee

Police & Animal Control: Chairman: Doug Hays Co-Chairman: Mark Blake

Swimming Pool, Cemetery & Parks:

Chairman: Mike Knight Co-Chairman: Steve Winkleman

Street & Alley – City Garages:

Chairman: Jack Lamont Co-Chairman: Tracy Nelson

Water & Sewer Department: Chairman: Mark Blake Co-Chairman: Doug Hays

Welding Department: Chairman: Mark Blake

Disciplinary Committee: Randy Questelle, Safety Director

Chairman: Mike Knight

Co-Chairman: Doug Hays


Ward 1: Jack Lamont & Sheila Headlee

Ward 2: Doug Hays & Mike Knight

Ward 3: Mark Blake & Steve Winkleman

Ward 4: Tracy Nelson & Lance Yearby

Reports from Standing Committees

Alderman Winkleman: I just came from the Library Meeting and at some time back, we had asked for cameras to be put up. Mayor Pollard reported they are in and we just have not been up there to get them put up..

Business or Comments from Visitors

Brian Allen stated “It had been an honor and a privilege to serve as your City Clerk for the last four years and to work with you individually, with the employees of the City of Carmi and with you, Jeff, of course.   I appreciate the kind words you said to me today. Also serving our community is very important and I loved doing it and Cynthia is going to do a good job. She is eager and willing. I am there for her if she needs my help. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to everybody.”


Motion made by Alderman Headlee and seconded by Alderman Blake to adjourn.

At 5:38 p.m. the council adjourned.


Cynthia J. Attebury, City Clerk

Jeff Pollard, Mayor