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Unemployment rates for February, 2017

Not seasonally adjusted:  U. S. 4.9%  Illinois 5.5%  Seasonally adjusted: U. S. 4.7% Illinois 5.4%

White County 6.0%,  Hamilton 5.8%, Gallatin  6.5%, Saline 7.2%, Franklin 7.6%, Jefferson 6.2%, Wayne 7.7%, Edwards 5.7% Wabash 6.3% Richland 5.8%

Mild winter weather permitted building activity to proceed on many projects. Leisure-Hospitality and Retail businesses also benefited from the favorable weather conditions in Southern Illinois. Over the year, employment increases were reported in Health Care Services and in Professional-Business Services. Mining and Government payroll losses continued this past year throughout Southern Illinois.

Numerous employment opportunities were advertised in Health Care, Transportation, and Sales at the beginning of 2017. Many job openings were available in Office and Administrative Support, Management, and Food Preparation occupations. Career prospects were favorable in Social Services, and Health Care Support. Workers were also needed for Installation, Maintenance, and Repair and Productions jobs.