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Unemployment rates for January, 2017

Not seasonally adjusted:  U. S. 5.1%  Illinois 6.5%  Seasonally adjusted: U. S. 4.8% Illinois 5.7%

White County 7.3%,  Hamilton 7.3%, Gallatin  8.1%, Saline 9.2%, Franklin 9.7%, Jefferson 7.8%, Wayne 9.3%, Edwards 6.9% Wabash 7.6% Richland 7.1%

“Job losses outside of the Chicago area continue to hamper overall statewide job growth,” said IDES Director Jeff Mays. “The decrease in the Chicago and Quad Cities unemployment rate is again offset by increased unemployment rates in most of the other metro areas.”

Expected seasonal layoffs in Construction, Retail Trade, and Leisure-Hospitality dominated labor market conditions in January 2017. Over the year, employment increases were reported in Health Care Services and in Professional-Business Services. Mining and Government payroll losses continued this past year throughout Southern Illinois.