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With southern Illinois poised for phenomenal growth in the energy sector, Carmi is ideal for servicing industry needs post image

The oil business in Carmi goes back to 1939 with the discovery of the first oil well in the area. Nearly 75 years later, White county has produced over a quarter million barrels of oil per year. White County has been and remains one of the top three oil producing counties in the state of Illinois, and is still a hub of the industry for the location of service companies.

Carmi and White county is gearing up for a new boom in oil production, and the growth of the oil service industry is expanding the services already offered, everything from drilling and completion rigs, pulling units as well as supply companies, acidizing and stimulation, cased hole logging and perforating, drill pipe and casing inspection, coring services, down hole completion tools, rock bit services, down hole production chemical services, and injection pump and valve repair.

White County, with its history in the oil business is still is a vital part of the Illinois oil industry and good contributor to the White County economy. With oil prices rising, the number of employees is up from what it once was. Nearly a thousand people still work in or are associated with oil in White County.


The Pattiki Mine, owned by White County Coal, LLC a segment of Alliance Resource Partners LP, is a leading underground producer in the Illinois Coal Basin.  Since starting operations in 1983 White County Coal has produced 2.3 million tons annually.  The mining facility has focused on producing a high quality product to satisfy their customers.  Primary customers are Seminal Electric Cooperative Inc., Tennessee Valley Authority and numerous spot customers throughout the midwest and south.

With a new facility that increases the reserves of obtainable coal by 140 million tons, White County Coal is positioned to aggressively develop new markets and additional services, and to establish itself as the supplier of choice for customers, including services such as ash and scrubber disposal.  Coal from Pattiki complex is shipped via the Evansville Western Railway, Inc. Pattiki production is also shipped via rail to our Mt. Vernon transloading facility for sale to utilities capable of receiving barge deliveries.

Pattiki is a union free work force, with an excellent safety record.  The work force is a young, enthusiastic and has an excellent work ethic.  White County’s average past five years accident frequency rate is 6.21 compared to the national industry average of 8.23.  Out of a total of 209 employees that White County employs, 107 employees maintained perfect attendance in 2000.